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"Continuing success is just as important as success, that's exactly what we make in Juan Group"

Shadi Ebo
A group of gifted, tender and productive young people who love the designs of their country as well as the modern Western tastes of design and decoration, went to apply their talent to reality and found Joan Sunset. They added to their talent the factors of accuracy, quality, flexibility and commitment and implemented many projects that were admired and appreciated by everyone who saw them.
"Following the progress of the global movement in the areas of cladding, interior and exterior decoration and our use of the best materials and the best in this field and the adoption of expert tools and criteria for the continuation of any project successfully, we have been able to find in Lebanon a center comparable in the level of European centers in the field of decoration and design and interior and exterior decoration.
Waleed Ebo

Shadi Ebo

Waleed Ebo


Today, many people are turning to exterior work for the entire building. This process has caused a major and radical change in the shape of the building to such an extent that it is difficult to connect it to the viewer with the building registered in its memory before cladding.

We rely on the work of external cladding on two factors:
- Achieving the aesthetic value of the project with harmonious achievement and sophisticated taste.
- Achieving the quality factors in the cladding in terms of the use of high resistance to external factors and other elements of quality.

Regardless of the method adopted in the formation of decoration and interior cladding of buildings, we have specialized in dealing with any project in all its components to achieve the best implementation of the coordination of the elements adopted in the design with each other and with the final distribution of the interior lighting so that the factors of the aesthetic and practical success of the decoration.

Our team has accumulated experience resulting from access to the optimal solutions for the most suitable distribution among all interior decoration components of the buildings such as gypsum and wood paneling, visual consistency, color compatibility and lighting distribution.

A special and unique field that distinguished us from our peers in the world of decoration. Our success depended on the many models that we have implemented and achieved high success rates based on creating the spirit of authenticity in every building where we carried out this kind of work.

A unique way of decorating is not successful unless it is done by delicate hands with high technical sensitivity, and this is what is distinguished by the hands of our executive team, which has become the work in this area of masterpieces of luxury decoration in this area.

Why choose to deal with Joan Group?

Excellence and creativity

Because we believe that the sense of beauty comes from the preview of the eye-dazzling scenes which are often not traditional, so we do not rely on tradition in our work, but this does not mean not follow the technical standards of all or the basics of implementation agreed upon professionally. Our creativity in our ideas, designs and innovation lies in the careful coordination between the data we carry out our work.


We are not satisfied to offer the customer only the best we can, and do not rely on our basic or imported materials only on the finest and most reliable. We take into consideration in serious materials the factors of resistance to external factors and the subject of thermal insulation and other factors in terms of absorption or reversal of light rays. And receive the implementation of an effective cadre in the hands of an expert used to work meticulously taking into account the minute details, complete his task in a timely manner.


We take into account the important factors and the precise details in the study and implementation of any project, we study the best position for the distribution of lighting and the most beautiful distribution of color spaces in the projects of cladding and discuss the role of materials used, whether prefabricated or wood or designs based on gypsum, and its impact on lighting in the external decoration And the interior and we give each subject the right of study and planning and ultimately choose the customer design beloved to be implemented.


We deal with high flexibility with all that we may face during the implementation of the project, from adjustments to how the customer's views or urgent emergency changes. We offer more than one solution to the topic and explain the pros and cons of all available solutions and leave the final decision to the customer.

Commitment and responsibility

This is what our customers have said about us. We look forward to the date of delivery of the project, and we will monitor the implementation and progress of it. We are confident of our customers' commitment to all that we have promised when we agree and are fully clear with them at every stage of the project.

Our Agents Words

I was very comfortable with the Joan group, they really proved very successful in carrying out my project, I did not imagine it would be like they did!


Our Agents Words

In fact, this word of thanks is the least I can offer to Joan Sunset after implementing my project. I was very pleased to deal with you.

Eng.Maroun Manhal

Our Agents Words

The garden of my house has become exactly as I asked the designer to make it, the project has been executed in its finest detail, thank you very much for this wonderful work.

Mr.Antoni Aqiq

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