Universal Connector

Connects CD Channels in the D113 System grid

Product Description  

Galvanized accessories to connect CD Channels at intersection points in the D113 System grid. Two Universal Connectors per intersection point.

Product Features 

  • Quality: Works with ISO 9001 certified raw material suppliers to guarantee its steel quality. High grade hot dip galvanized zinc coating (min. Z140 class) provides maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Rigidity: Accessories produced from galvanized steel can meet the statistical requirement of the most demanding projects.
  • Simplicity: Minimum amount of accessories and ‘twist to fit’ studs and channels are designed to make the installer’s job as simple as possible.
  • Compatibility: Metal accessories are specially designed to work and perform together with gypsum boards and metal profiles to create complete, tested and certified systems.


  • Connects CD Channels in the D113 System grid