Cleaneo UFF

Gypsum boards for sound absorption including air-cleaning effect.

Product Description 

Cleaneo Acoustic is a linear ceiling panel that has a surrounding stepped edge for precise laying without joint filling, as well as a brilliant white paper on the visible face for direct cladding. Due to the precise dimensions of the panels, the correct hole spacing is created automatically if the panels are laid with butt joints.


  • Material: Gypsum material, Zeolite
  • Thickness:12.5mm.
  • Dimensions: 120cm X 200cm.
  • Product Weights: 9.5kg.
  • Edge Details: UFF.
  • Appearance: black/white rear board liner and an ivory/white colored face board liner.

Special advantage 

  • Sound absorption.
  • Air-cleaning effect.
  • Pollutant reduction.

Product Features 

  • Sound absorbing properties.
  • Simple to use.
  • Brilliant white paper on the visible surface.
  • No joint filling necessary
  • Continuous holes, edge formation 4FF (2 each as tongue and groove).
  • Edges primed and chamfered at the factory.


The main field of application for Cleaneo UFF is the cladding of wall and ceiling systems for the improvement of room acoustics and sound absorption and/or for the individual room design respectively. They are a perfect means to improve the indoor room climate due to their standard air cleaning effect.

Application Area 

Ideal fields of application are:

  • Schools, kindergartens.
  • Hospitals, nursing homes.
  • Hotels, restaurants.
  • Offices.
  • Other public facilities and buildings such as shops, banks, etc.