Cross Connector

Galvanized clips connect the main/primary CD channels to the lower/furring CD channels forming the D112 ceiling grid. Designed exclusively to be used with D112 Ceiling System.

Product Features 

  • Quality: Works with ISO 9001 certified raw material suppliers to guarantee its steel quality. High grade hot dip galvanized zinc coating (min. Z140 class) provides maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Rigidity: Accessories produced from galvanized steel can meet the statical requirement of the most demanding projects.
  • Simplicity: Minimum amount of accessories and ‘twist to fit’ studs and channels are designed to make the installer’s job as simple as possible.
  • Compatibility: Metal accessories are specially designed to work and perform together with gypsum boards and metal profiles to create complete, tested and certified systems.


  • To be used exclusively with D112 Ceiling System