CW Studs

C shaped profiles friction fit at equal distances into the head and base UW channels to form the vertical metal stud frame.

Product Description 

C Studs are one of the essential components for creating a number of warranted partition systems. When used with U channels these partition studs can be used to achieve a wide range of performance criteria and varying partition heights

Product Features 

  • Profile Knurling is made with a special mechanical treatment to assist the positioning of screws on the surface of the profile
  • a multifunctional design allows the same channel to be used for both wall linings and ceilings
  • Special lip design increases the load capacity of the system and provides a better locking mechanism for suspension accessories
  • Triple indentation enhances the rigidity of the channel
  • Asymmetric glanges height allows easy boxing of studes 
  • central indentation allows easy alignment of gypsum board joints
  • H-shaped slots allow easy installation of MEP cabling


Galvanised lightweight steel section for use in non-load-bearing partition systems.