Danoline Belgravia Unity 4

Demountable acoustical lay-in tile in recessed T-grid.

Product Description 

An acoustic gypsum ceiling installed in a recessed T-grid. The ceiling offers a simple, time-saving installation with exceptional design and high functional quality. In addition to acoustic comfort, it ensures fresh air as the ceiling tiles are tested and approved  as a ventilation ceiling with a concealed air inlet.  


  • Material: Gypsum
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Thickness: 12.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 600 mm x600 mm
  • Product Weights: 9.20 – 9.90. kg/m²
  • Edge Details: square
  • Appearance: painted and perforated

Special advantage 

  • The classic look of Unity 4 creates a soft surface that echoes the underlying malleability of gypsum.
  • Perfect for rooms with cast concrete walls and cast floors to support the overall three-dimensional expression.
  • Available on three different products as standard, to meet different demands for design and functionality.

Product Features 

  • Robust ceiling with long service life
  • Time-saving installation
  • Repaintable without loss of acoustics
  • 100% recyclable material 
  • Sound absorption
  • Air cleaning


Acoustical ceiling installed in recessed T-grid ensuring a robust, sustainable ceiling solution with top acoustic comfort and bespoke design expressions.